Advisory and consulting

We offer advisory and consulting services geared at helping you unlock your business potential. The services include:

- Strategy Assessment
- Strategy Development
- Strategy Communication
- Go-to Market Strategy
- Business Process Assessment
- Business Process Mapping
- Business Process Improvement

Coaching and Mentoring

We offer business coaching and mentoring primarily in the areas of communications, pitching and organizational development. The coaching service includes helping business owners, get to grips with internal and external challenges of their business product or service. We assist in the brainstorming, ideation business remodeling process. The service also deals with conflict resolution and management within your business.

These services are on a one one basis and are services offered over a period of time depending on the need stated. While some of the process needed to address some of these challenges, each scenario tends to be unique and so all coaching and mentoring services start with an assessment process, which will help determine the amount of time which will be required to address the challenge(s) at hand.

Professional Speaking Services

We offer a variety of business development key notes aimed at crystallising complicated ideas in your organization. My focus is to help your business build with a legacy in mind. Professional Speaking services include:

- Master of Ceremony (MC), this includes helping the organizing team manage event dynamic requirements on the day of the event.
- Professional Key Notes
- Leadership in Contemporary South Africa
- How Entrepreneurs Fail Forward
- Why Executives Need to tell more stories
- Bespoke Key Notes based on your event

Training and Development

We offer facilitated in-dept workshops that are geared at improving the messaging and communication of your business or offering. These include:

- Effective Communication
- Effective Storytelling as a business tool
- How to pitch like a pro
- Speech writing and development
- Leadership principles in the 21st century
- Strategic Organisational Design and Development
- How to set up an investment club
- Basics of Business Analysis